More from Belle Isle: A Rainy Day

I am writing another Belle Isle post because, well, it’s just an awesome place to be. Sunny and 75 degrees is fantastic for a day out, but the muted palate of a fresh rain and an overcast evening make for an equally enchanting experience. If you get a chance, I definitely recommend doing some outdoor exploration while it is raining. The change in atmosphere can be inspiring.

I really enjoyed this photo I took of the Koi pond. About a week later, there was a large volunteer effort to fill the pond with water and fish, but the emptiness of it on this rainy night captured my attention. To be honest, I’m not sure if there are lights on inside the building, or if the sun going down behind the glass roof caused that glow, but whatever it was did a great job of setting the mood.


Another site that caught my eye was this old structure off to the side of a road. I had been watching a lot of True Detective, and this struck me as an example of the twilight of civilization that the show constantly conveys.



A Winter Escape: Belle Isle’s Conservatory

This winter was rough. Record breaking amounts of snow coupled with the ever lingering Polar Vortex made for a pretty chilly Michigan winter. There’s even a Wikipedia page dedicated to the “2013-14 North American Cold Wave” We made Wikipedia history guys. That’s an achievement. The cold weather may inspire cozy evenings or weekends at home with a good book or movie. Stay in and stay warm. Sounds lovely. Except for when you’ve done that every night for the past month and cabin fever starts to set in. If a mid-winter vacation to somewhere warmer is not really part of your budget, I found that Detroit had some pleasantly equitable alternatives. And so began my trip to the Belle Isle Conservatory. The best part about the Conservatory is that it’s completely free. No membership. No admission fees. Just sign a guest log, and walk right in. I’d have to say my favorite section of the conservatory is the cactus room. Its bright, airy, and with the sun setting, it made for some pretty awesome photo opportunities:

tfd_smallCactus_sq900 tfd_thorns_sq900 tfd_cactusGroup_sq900 tfd_roundCactus_sq900   The conservatory is open from 10am-5pm Wednesday-Sunday. For more information, check the site here.